Random Thoughts

by thecraftaholic

So I’ve had alot going on lately. My group, The NYC Craft Circle, is having a batiking workshop coming up Sept. 21.
I might be submitting my work to a shop. And my husband’s family is in from PR. Both sides of the family! It’s crazy.
What have I been doing lately? Eh, well I’ve been hoarding yarn. I bought some yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool. They ship pretty quickly! I was pleased with my order. And I ordered from Knitpicks. Yay! So, now I’m way past having 2 bins of yarn, and need to get a third. Happy happy joy joy!
Another thing I’m excited about is my weaving class! I discoverd how to weave on a hand made loom, and I’ll be having a class on it at my craft circle.
I have been looking inward lately, and reazed that I tend to blame myself for alot of the goings on in my life. I do this all the time. Sometimes things happen in my life, and I can’t just sit here and blame my actions for every person that chooses to hurt me or do me wrong. These thoughts occurred to me while I was crocheting last night.
Speaking of which, I am so bored to tears. I need some new patterns or something. Anyone got any fabulous ideas out there?
Oh! I just bought a book on crocheted jewelry, so I might take some time to do that. Then I could maybe have something more to list on my etsy shop.
I’m watching cartoons today.
I just finished a couple hats that I plan on listing, and am working on another one. I tried to make a sweater, but eh. Hats are just instant gratification, you know? You work on a hat and in a couple days, you’ve got a cool accesory to defend you from the cold. Yay.
Oh! My goal for this week-finish my book (a book of poems). I do, as I have mentioned before, write poetry, and am working on a book. I want to finish it so I can perfom my poetry at open mics! This week, I’ll finish it.
Also, finish the hat I’m working on, and finish the wallets (need velcroe closures), and make a couple more.
That’s a lot to do! Jeez! I better get started.
My intention for this week-survive with my sanity in tact.
Until next time, it’s the craftaholic sighning off.