Reflections on being part of a group

by thecraftaholic

I love to socialize. I love to meet new people, and talk, and network with other crafty women who are buidling a buisiness like I am. It’s so much fun to meet people, and get ideas from them on workshops to teach, or items to carry in my shop. As an artist, I crave exposure to art, and other artists.
So I was so delighted to have found a cool group of crafty women in brooklyn, who all get together and make art together! I had so much fun getting to know these other women, chatting, and really, just getting out of the house for some time, to make art with other people.
Now, I’ve always had issues with cattiness, but it has never stopped me from trying to make new friends. Until now.
I was kicked out of their crummy group for silly things that were never addressed to me. I rsvpd and didn’t show, they said. Well, sorry lady, but I have a kid. Things come up unexpected. When you have children, you eventually learn that not everything you plan on doing, can you really do. Anything could happen-your kid could get sick, fall and hurt himself (which happens often), or just plain want to be around you, and guess what? You’re not going out.
So I was kicked out. Ohwell.
I have tho, formed my own fabulous meetup group. It’s called the New York City Craft Circle.
My vision for this group, is to have a collective of artists, who socialize and network together. I also want to have workshops, and teach the things I’ve learned along my path.
I hope you’ll join me.