Can I just say….

by thecraftaholic

…that creativity and art does wonders for a bad mood! It’s amazing what making a few cards can do for you bad mood or depressed state of mind.
I made a few cards with some stamps my hubby made for me.
Awesome! They turned out great! I used watercolors for these.
Like em?

So, here’s my advise: when you’re feeling down and out, go do something creative! It’s amazing how healing it can be.
A great way to start, is to journal. Write in a journal every day. What I do, is if I’m stuck on what to write, I ask myself what my intentions for the day are. I write down what my intentions are, what I want to attract to myself, and my goals.
This helps me get out any ill feelings. It’s healing.
So try it!
Until next time, it’s the Craftaholic signing off…