Urban Gardening…

by thecraftaholic

So yes. I finally have a computer! It may not be much, but it gets the job done. As I write this, it’s Memorial day, and my husband is playing the guitar. It’s a nice relaxing sound.
I’ve been writing alot. And gardening! Yes, our new apartment has a little front area for us to grow a few things.
I stumbled upon a cool blog called The Urban Gardener! Awesome! I like it. The Urban Gardener is actually a place in Georgia that sells plants and garden things. I’m not in Georgia, so that won’t do me much good. I get most of my plants and garden supplies at home depot, sadly enough. I would love to contribute to the small buisiness, but what can I say. Given the choice between paying $3 a plant and paying $.99 a plant, I chose the latter.
I have a couple books at home on gardening, but really I don’t use them all that much. I do, however, save coffee grinds and put some around my plants. It’s good for them! It really is. Tea is great also. Save your tea bags, and do the same. I just put a little bit of coffee or tea around the top of the plant. You can mix it with the soil if you want.
Another great tip is to use compost! You can buy some at the NYC Farmer’s Market on Union Square for like, $1 or something. It’s cheap!
Anyway, I have a few crafty adventures which I will write about soon enough. Until then, it’s the Craftaholic signing off…