Taking a break…

by thecraftaholic

So, it’s been a while. My computer is gone. It died. It’s resting in peace. So, until I get another one, I’ll be posting few and far between.
The good news is, that I’ll have so much to say when I get my computer!
Yay. I’ve been pretty crafty. I went to a workshop today on making felt dolls. Of course, I didn’t get to finish, since my daughter decided she wanted a snack. Ohwell.
What else? Oh! I made my own stamps! So I’ll be stamping up a whole bunch of cool cards. I just ordered some card stock from the Oriental Trading Company. I love them! Just awesome.
They are really inexpensive, and they have a great supply of art and craft supplies! Beads, card stock, findings, scrapbooking supplies, even stamps and ink!
What else have I done? Hmm….
Well, I finished up a helmet hat for my etsy shop. I’ll post pics as soon as I get batteries for my camera.
Until next time, it’s the Craftaholic signing off…