by thecraftaholic

So, I’m really into the idea of recycled crafts. I am. It’s mostly because I’m cheap and broke. So of course, I’m excited about this new idea I got online. I love it! It involves fusing plastic shopping bags together to make a material which can be sewn together into a new fashionable bag. Awesome!
I love this idea.
Craft magazine has a whole slew of ideas on their blog as well. I can’t wait!
Also, I’m going to the Martha Stewart show next week. YAY! I’m not ashamed to say that I love Martha Stewart. Why not? She totally rocks. Any woman who can make a buck off of being domestic and loving it, has to rule in my book.
My newest project? Ugh. I’m working on a little shawl for my daughter, for her first birthday. It’s knitted, not crocheted. But the stupid pattern doesn’t account for her big head! So I have to increase my stitches.
What else? I’m getting bored of notecards. I’m going to buy some plain onsies this weekend and do some batiking.