Finding Inspiration…

by thecraftaholic

It’s tough to find creative inspiration these days. When you’re feeling down, it’s not the easiest thing, to just make art. My experience is that you don’t really feel like doing anything exept watching tv.
One thing that I’ve done, is taken a trip to the craft store. What a great inspiration! You don’t always have to purchase something. You can take a look around, see what they’ve got, and take the free projects that they have flyers for in the store.
Another thing that you can do, is make a simple dinner. That always helps. I’m really connected with food and I find that I get my best ideas over a nice meal. You don’t have to be the best cook. You don’t even have to cook the meal yourself. Get a recipe online and make a nice meal, bake a cake, or go out to dinner. Even going to a cafe, and sipping some coffee or tea with a nice baked goodie helps.
Ideas ruminate in your head. I’m telling you a trip to the craft store, then a nice meal, all really help to get creative ideas flowing.