Reconstructing Clothing

by thecraftaholic

So I’m looking forward to swapping clothing! Yay!
I love clothing swaps. I wish I could afford to buy really cool clothing and stuff. I wish I could, but alas, I married a man of modest means. And being a stay at home mom, times are tough.
But I do love the idea of non consumerism. So, I love going to these clothing swaps, because I get rid of some of my clothing, and get new stuff too!
It’s cool. I love it!
Plus, you can find cool threads and make new things out of it! Reconstructed clothing! I love it. Totally.
You can get a sweater and make a skirt or shrug with it. Turn you old jeans into a new bag.
There are a whole bunch of tutorials on craftster for reconstructing clothing.
So, even if you don’t see clothing you could wear right away, you can reconstruct them into stuff you can wear!