How to Find Creative Inspiration

by thecraftaholic

I have to say that being a mom, while it is a rewarding, and amazing job in itself, it does take your inspiration at times.
It’s hard to find time for yourself, and more often then not, when you do have the time, you don’t have the inspiration.
So how can you find your inspiration?

1. Go to the Library. There are a ton of books with ideas and ways to perfect your art. You can also find someone else who you might have something in common with.

2. Go to the Museum. A museum is a great place to go when you need inspiration!

3. Meditate. I can’t stress this enough. When the baby is sleeping, or when you have time for yourself, take a couple minutes to just unwind, and meditate. If you’re not sure how, or want some tips on meditating, click here.

4. Go to

5. Find other creative people.

7. This great article gives some cool resources.

8. Read a magazine. One magazine I love is the Craft Magazine. Go to your local bookshop, and check out their magazines for inspiration.

9. Travel. It doesn’t have to be far, even a day trip away from your city or neighborhood can sometimes work wonders. When I need inspiration, I love to head over to Chinatown, or Central Park.

10. Through my own explorations online, I found this interesting blog. You might find it as a source of ideas or creativity. If not, surf for some inspiration!