The Four Elements and Creativity

by thecraftaholic

So, recently I posted an article on creativity and the four elements. I wanted to delve into this a bit further.
My thought is that creativity is within us all. Everyone is creative. Not everyone feels creative, but we all are born artists. What we must do, is encourage creative thinking within ourselves.
So, what are the four elements, and what the hell do they have to do with me? Alright. Here we go.

The first element is EARTH. Obviously, when thinking of the earth element, you think of trees, plants, flowers that bloom, and nature as a whole. But with this element, as with each element, come characteristics and strengths. Blessings come from becoming one with each element.
Earth is characterized by strength, practicality, stability, materialism, realism. Earth stabilizes and strengthens ideas and projects, giving them the ability to grow and blossom-as a plant or flower does.

The second element is AIR. Air presents us with communication, and ideas. Air provides the ideas that make things happen.

The third element is FIRE. Fire symbolizes passion, energy, impulse, enthusiasm, inspiration, idealism, faith. Fire provides us with much needed inspiration, motivation and creative energy.

The fourth element is WATER. Water symbolizes feelings and emotions. This is the element that allows us to feel our art, and the emotion behind it.

So, in knowing this, we can go to the beach if we need to be in touch with our emotions and feelings. We can sit in the sun, light some incense, or sit by a campfire if we need to be inspired creatively.
We can go to the park, for seeking wisdom on allowing our projects to blossom and grow.
So, think about it! Find some inspiration in nature, and in the elements. You might find more than just creativity blossoming!
Until next time, it’s the Notorious Craftaholic signing off.
Thanks to this website and this one for it’s insight and information.