Buying Green and living simply

by thecraftaholic

So I feel empowered by this awesome article on how, really, buying green won’t save the earth. NOT buying will save the earth. It’s about less comsumption, right folks? Why do we buy into this consumerism?
It’s an addiction, I think. People become fanatics of things. Instead of being Jesus fanatics, they become fanatics of buying green, or eating organic. It’s sad, really. I get so sick and tired of people I know telling me how I have to fucking buy organic and and all this.
Listen, when I can afford to pay $4 for a bulb of garlic, I will. Or maybe I won’t.
Seriously, I’m all about being healthy, and eating right, but really, isn’t there a balance in life? Do we all have to be these consumerist drones?
I think that consumerism is consumerism weather you call it organic or green, or whatever. Either way, there is going to be a company that wants you to buy all their products, whether they are organic or green or not. They all have the same goal.
Not that I don’t buy organic bananas or natural cosmetics. But I also make my own soap, and housecleaners and such. And I don’t buy clothes, I swap them at clothing swaps (because I’m against sweat shops).
So, that’s my rant for today. I think there is a balance in life. It’s not about going off the deep end one way. You have to live a life that is balanced and live within your financial means. I like living simply.
So, there’s a balance. That’s all I’m saying kids. Not that I don’t buy green or organic. Just that there’s a balance. So, until next time, it’s the craftaholic signing off.