A couple of cards

by thecraftaholic

So I’ve made a couple of cool looking cards for my etsy shop. The key, I’ve found, is to be a serious pack rat. Keep you eye out for really cool pictures in magazines, postcards, and stuff.
I hoard all sorts of things. Stickers from dollar stores, labels, even cards that I’m given. That helps when you do collage work.
A cool source for collage or scrapbook supplies are dollar tree stores! I hope that you have one near you. I love this store so much, it’s a bad thing. But they have cool scrapbooking and craft supplies sometimes. I buy stickers there, and notebooks and things like that.
So with that, and some cool stuff from magazines, you are ready to make your own cards! Remember to have some card stock, or blank notecards (that come ready to be designed). You can make a cool card, and then make an awesome envelope. I have no idea how to tell you to make an envelope. It’s all about folding, really. Folding, and clear tape. A good source for making your own envelope, is old calenders.
So, here’s a couple cards I made! They’re for sale on my etsy shop.