Purple Shawl

by thecraftaholic

So I made this shawl on a crochet hook. I nice, fat one. Don’t ask me the size.
It’s easy to make this shawl with a nice chunky yarn like this handspun yarn I used.
Ch 3
sc next 2 rows
2 sc in next, sc 2 sc in next
sc next 2 rows
I pretty much followed this until it got as fat as I wanted it to.
Then you just continue a sc until it reaches the width of your shoulders.
Then you start to decrease.
work 2 sc together, sc until the last 2, work 2 sc together
sc next 2 rows
Just keep doing this. You can increase the number of stitches decreased if you like, but remember that it has to be even with the other side of the shawl.
This is a nice wrap to make. Very easy.
I have it for sale, on my ghettolicious Etsy shop.