Paper Making

by thecraftaholic

Room by Room : Episode RXR-1303

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Recycle paper to create handmade papers for letters, wrapping gifts or small notes.


paper (plain white paper, old wrapping paper, can labels, etc.)
old blender
enhancers (cornhusks, botanicals, glitter)
plastic grid
plastic screen
mesh screen
wooden frame (deckle)
vat (large plastic container)
couching towels/sheets
embellishments (ribbons, leaves, glitter, etc .)


  1. Blend four cups water with one piece of paper (cut up) on medium speed for 20 seconds. Repeat process three more times, pouring each mixture into a vat.
  2. Repeat process again, and then add botanicals, glitter and cornhusks. Blend slightly and pour colored mixture into the vat (five total recipes are needed to do this correctly).
  3. Put the plastic screen on top of the grid and top it with the frame (deckle). Mix up the pulp in the vat with your hands, making sure it’s floating. Slowly insert the grid/deckle down to the bottom and let the pulp cover it. Lift up and what lands inside is going to be the paper.
  4. Remove the deckle to start drying the paper. Put a screen on top and push the water out with a sponge. When quite a bit of water is out, carefully remove the screen. Add a couching towel, which will absorb more water, and do the sponging process again. Adhere the wet paper to the couching towel.
  5. Turn it over and remove the plastic grid and screen (try to sponge more water out before removing it). Add the next piece of couching towel. Heat iron to its highest dry setting and heat the paper to evaporate the water. Flip it over as you slowly try to dry the paper. Stop when there is no more steam (it will still be a little bit damp).
  6. Add ribbons and leaves or make impressions.