Recycle Vintage Jewelry

by thecraftaholic

Recycle Vintage Jewelry
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Artist Chris Mobley shows how to reinvent old jewelry with the projects below.

Refurbished Glass Bottle


vintage jewelry
glass bottle
glass paint or spray paint
glue gun


Figure A


Figure B



1. Make sure that the bottle can support the weight of the jewelry and it won’t tip over once the piece is completed.

2. Use glass paint to treat the bottle in a color of your choice (figure A). Glass paint is essential, otherwise the hot glue will peel it right off when the jewelry is applied.

3. Once the paint is dry, add a dollop of hot glue directly onto the bottle and attach an interesting piece of jewelry. Allow to dry–it should only take a minute.

4. Apply hot glue to the cork and attach another jewelry piece. Once the top piece dries, the bottle is finished (figure B).

Decorative Frame

With just slight modifications, an incredible picture frame can be created with old earrings. Use wire cutters to remove the earring attachment, leaving the surface smooth. Hot glue around an old frame or mirror for an antique, handcrafted look (figure C).