Another Addiction….

by thecraftaholic

Alright. I have such an addictive personality, that seriously. I found out about, and actually for real. I want you to know that I am totally addicted to it. I’m on it like, every damn day! It’s better than myspace. I fucking can’t stand myspace. It’s so played out, and all I get are spam messages from my DH’s ditzy cousin. Ugh. Spare me.
Meanwhile, can we please have another reality competition show, please? I mean, because I can’t get enough of Bret Michaels and Flavor Flav trying to find a woman. Not only are they both butt ugly and old and gross, but ugh. Seriously. If I’m going to make a fool of myself on national television it’s going to be for someone hot-like Vincent D’Onofrio. Oh my god. He is just…mmm mmm good.
So! About some crafty ideas….
I applied for the BUST annual Craftacular. I hope I get accepted! I do! Momma needs a new pair of boots.
Baticking!!!! I’m going to learn it! My lovely shiny friend Shevon is coming over tomorow (I hope) and is going to teach me tomorow!
I hope to make some lovely things and (hope to) take lots of (bad) pictures to post here.
We’ll see.
Until next time, it’s the Craftaholic, signing out.