Going to the craft store….

by thecraftaholic

Yippee!!! I can’t wait! In lew of Valentine’s day, I told my husband to instead just give me a trip to Michael’s. I won’t spend too much, I promise (hehehe).
What am I going to purchase? I need some circular needles-fat ones. Some stitch holders, and of course some yarn. I need some yarn for a swap, so perhaps they will have a sale that I can take advantage of. I have so much yarn already.
My hubby and I just moved into our new pad, and I love it! The bathroom is off the hook. That is of course, one of my most favorite places. It’s where I relax, unwind, and do nothing for anyone but myself. Hmmmm…makes me think…perhaps that’s why I have such an addiction to bath and beauty products? Maybe.
So for my latest project, I’m going to work on some shawls and scarves to sell on etsy. For the cheap yarn I have, I’ll make some striped scarves with a nice rib knit. And some crocheted hats. And some nice simple shawls knitted on fat needles and premium yarn. That’s my plan. The goal is cash flow. Momma needs a new pair of shoes. And a trip to India. I want to save up for a trip to india. This year hubby and I are traveling to Puerto Rico to visit family, so my goal is to save enough money for a trip to India in 2009. That’s always been a dream of mine. I have a hare krishna friend of mine out there, so it’d be nice to visit him.
What else….hmm…I will check in later with pix of my venture to Michael’s in queens!