Packrats R us

by thecraftaholic

Although I’m still moving, and technically not really doing anything crafty (besides a bit of baking and some knitting), I thought I’d share my thoughts and a cool pattern I’m going to make.
So is anyone else out there as much of a packrat as I am? Holy shit, I’m a real packrat. It’s bad. I had mail from like, last year hoarded in my closet. I had magazines, and crap under my bed, in my closet, stuffed in bags. Why? Why must I hold on to this crap? Oh well. Time for spring cleaning.
On another note, I have a cool idea for jewelry making. Instead of throwing away mismatched earings, or getting rid of a cheap necklace, I am saving them to make other things out of! A lost earing, with only one can be a cool pendant, or can be used in shrines, or a charm bracelet.
Just an idea. I have a swap I have to make something for. I was gonna make a pair of earings, but eh. Who knows. I want to try making a book. We’ll see about that….
Here’s the link for the pattern I want to work on (when I get bored of the one I am working on now).
It’s freezing cold over here. I wish I lived in Miami part time (in the summer I’d move up to NYC again).
Alright well I’ve got nothing more to say except that I’m truly a packrat. I really should form a packrat support group.
Seriously, this is how bad it’s gotten