by thecraftaholic

YES! I’m excited! I’m going to be purchasing my supplies for my soaps! I can’t wait! I need to purchase my supplies, and make some product so that I can take pictures and get my site up and running.
I’ve been knitting every day.
And I’m moving…
Also, I’m so excited about this cool site that I found that gives such awesome guides and tutorials for sewing and reconstructing clothes and stuff! Awesome! I love it!
I’m really excited about a craft swap that I am hosting at my house in a couple weeks. A craft swap! It’s kind of like a clothing swap, only for craft supplies. Since I’ve got so many goddamned craft supplies.
What else?
I’ve got a cool idea for my shrine box. It’s going to be a shrine box for my goals and things. I’m so inspired!
I can’t finish a craft a day. I can continue things, and work on stuff, but not do a new craft every day. Who has that kind of time? What with a baby hanging on on my leg all day…
Anyone working on some cool projects out there? Gimme some inspiration!