The Imperfect Crafter…

by thecraftaholic

So, let me ask a question-am I the only person who is an imperfect crafter? It seems like when I go to, all I see absolutely perfect crafts that look like they belong in a magazine.
Well, I’m sorry. I can’t visit that site anymore. I get so intimidated! So I’m not going to bother with it anymore. The thing I can’t stand, is that there are no patterns! I mena, well, clumsy me…I can’t find any. All I see is fantabulous pictures of fantastic looking finished projects.
As a mom, I barely have time for my crafts anymore. I have to squeeze in time in between feedings and everything else.
Today I did write though. I wrote two new poems. I knitted a bit. I’m working on a sweater from my rebecca magazine. I’m getting sick of it though, so I’m putting it down for a bit to work on this awesome crocheted shawl! I’ll post pics of it at a later date.
A couple of crafty tidbits for you on candle making:
Candle making is so fun and so easy! All you need is wax and wic! You can purchase candle wick at a craft store, or even just get some from a dollar store candle.
Get yourself some wax, or even save the wax from your candles at home and melt it down.
Hopefully, you already know how to make candles. It’s pretty easy. If not, here’s a great site that will show you how
I like to use essential oils, because that’s what I have at home. But you can even use fragrance oils if you like. I love using real essential oils and fragrances that smell like vanilla.
Another recycling tip, if I haven’t posted the link already, is using old sweaters to make long sleeved gloves!
That’s a cool idea. I’ve been really into recycling lately.
Oh! And my fingerless gloves! Here’s a pic of it.

So the thing is, I have all this cheap, nasty yarn, and nothing to do with it. So I figured that I’ll make my SIL some fingerless gloves for christmas.
Want to know how to make them? It’s simple,really.
Fingerless glove pattern
Chain 30 (or however many to fit your hand and wrist-it should be nice and snug)
Join them together to make a ring, and place stictch marker
SC around until you get to the thumb area
At the row where thumb begins, sc to thumb area. CH 5 to 10 (just long enough to get to your thumb joint)
Now you’ve created your own chain for your thumb, so SC enough rows to wrap your thumb.
I binded it off and started again at the palm/wrist area. Just SC until it’s up to your knuckles.
Then I sewed it all up together.
If you find a easier way to do this, let me know, please.
But for now, this has been my new favorite craft project.
Until next time, it’s the Craftaholic signing off.