Art Supplies!

by thecraftaholic

So I found a new website. Cool! I love this
It’s awesome! There’s a message board, and patterns and ideas and stuff!
I made a trip to Barnes and Noble and got this cool day by day calender with the art of some person named Hundertwasser. I’m not much up on art, so whatever. It was $2, and I love the art! I’m going to use it to make new art!
So that’s all I can think of. I can’t wait to make some cool cards! My hubby is starting to wonder what the hell I’m going to do with all my friggin art supplies. Ohwell. I’m a pack rat. Deal with it, dammit.
So what else? Oh! I’ll show you some cool pics of a shawl I just knitted up.
It’s just a basic stockinette stitch, with tassels.
Nevermind the odd expression on my face. I’m actually a cute chic, really. Honest.

But honestly, where are the good craft stores in New York? There aren’t any! At all! There aren’t any good ones in brooklyn, anyhow. I wish there were a Micheal’s here in brooklyn. But alas, I am shunned to Queens, where there are now two nice sized craft stores.
There’s also a Joanne’s (smaller craft store) in Staten Island. But what hell do you do if you don’t have a car like I do? I guess you are just going to have to brave the insessant tourists and go to Pearl paint. I know what you are thinking-they have a small selection and are over priced. What else is there? Perhaps someone should just rally for a Joanne’s Superstore here in NYC! Not in staten island, and not one of their smaller stores, but a nice huge store with a big selection of yarn, and all sorts of things!
Here’s hoping. And praying.