Recycling Old Sweaters

by thecraftaholic

So it’s been a while since my last post. Sorry about that. My kid’s been sick, I’ve been sick, and things went to shit.
It’s hard being a creative mom, you know? Always struggling to find time for yourself…I fdon’t know how some people have 5 kids! Jesus, I would go nuts. I’m already going nuts with one. I love her so much though.
Alright, enough cheese whiz.I found this awesome site called which has awesome diy articles of all sorts! There, I found this article on recycling old sweaters into all sorts of things like purses, skirts, and gloves! What a killer idea!
I love that! What’s great is that you can go to a thrift store, and buy some cool vintage sweaters on the cheap! I love this idea!
Click here for the article