Rebecca Magazine

by thecraftaholic

So, I’m totally nuts over this magazine! I love it! Rebecca Magazine, is this cool german knitting magazine that comes chock full of patterns and ideas for those of us who have more patterns than we do actual knitting.
Each magazine comes with at least 40 patterns inside-unline other american magazines that come with about half that. I love this! I’ve gotten a new resolution to really perfect my knitting habit, so this is just the inspiration I need.
Curently, I’m knitting up a flower pin for myself. They’re so easy. I’m not even following a pattern, I’m just doing it myself. After that, I’ve got to get ready for Christmas! Yay! I’m excited.
My mother and mother in law are getting the ever traditional scarf, but this year, I’m mixing in a hat as well.
Also I’ll be making some prayer beads. And the also traditional raspberry jam!
Yippee. I love christmas. What a better way to get me out of a funk than to think about all my projects!

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