Goddess Box

by thecraftaholic

So I made my Goddess Box! I decided that I’ll continue to add things to it, as I clean it out every few months.

What is my goddess Box? It’s basically a box that is filled with my hopes and dreams, my goals and fears… and everything in between. I filled it with a few prayer requests of mine and my husband’s, and a couple other things.

The point of it, is to fill it with things that are meaningful to you, and present it to God, knowing that God will listen, and answser, and nurture everything you fill the box with. It’s a nice way of playing with your creative side in your spirituality.

To make your own Goddess Box, just buy a plain box, and decorate it as you wish! I’ve included a picture of mine. I glued a small figure of St. Mary holding baby Jesus that I just love. And mainly, I just glued pictures that are meaningful to me. Just decorate it how you wish! Gather up some ribbons, magazine clippings, sheet music, buttons, and even tiles, if you want to make a mosaic!

Then write a small dedication in your own words to the God of your particular faith, and fill it with whatever your intuition guides you!

This is my favorite project, really. I love doing these kinds of things. Tomorrow I’m taking a craft day off, to spend the day in manhattan. I’ll be mulling over whatever project I want to do next. Oh, I know! I want to make some prayer beads. Maybe I’ll stop by midtown and see what kinds of beads they have. Also I’ll gather up my beads here at home.

Until next time