Where do I start?

by thecraftaholic

I don’t even know where to begin. Currently, I’m making a knitted wrap. I have a hard time with confidence in knitting. I don’t know…I know how to make squares, and I’ll stick with that for now.

I want to make pretty things for my baby girl, but aah. I don’t know. I get too depressed when I make a very obvious mistake. I mean, if I made little mistakes that can’t really be noticed, then it would be easier to just…hide them. But ugh. I have a meeting at a knitting group that I want to try out. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll learn to break out of my fear of knitting shapes.

What’s my next project? Scrapbooking! I have to work on my daughter’s scrapbook. Put some pictures in it, and decorate it. And I’m going to crochet her a hat for the fall. I want to try making her a cute blanket with a nice design, now that I know how to integrate different colors.

I have a book that I want to try getting some cool patterns from.

It’s “Simply Baby” by Debbie Bliss


Some of the patterns are out of my skill level, but I’m going to try, dammit. It has such beautiful baby patterns.